Powerful UVC air purifier against viruses

The effective UVC air purifier against viruses, bacteria, spores & germs with an efficiency of up to Log 5 (99.999%). The SARS-CoV2 infection risk from aerosols is significantly minimized by using the aircleaner.

The AC-1600pro circulating air cleaner was specially developed for the disinfection of the ambient air in busy meeting areas. With a cleaning capacity of 1,600m³ / h (1,600,000 liters), the decentralized air purifier is one of the most powerful devices on the market. The mobile device can be optimally integrated into an existing room concept. The UVC air purifiers are absolutely harmless for the general as well as for the medical area during operation for employees, visitors as well as for the patient. * Currently ideal for use againstCovid19 Corona viruses in hospitals, waiting or treatment rooms at the dentist, production facilities, package distributors, dance studios or fitness, in the fight against corona viruses in aerosol.

The technology: Air Cleaner TM with the factory in Switzerland uses certified components from the laboratory, medical and food industries for the construction of the circulating air cleaners. This ensures a highly effective effect and guaranteed radiation tolerance (thanks to a harmless photochemical effect). The air is exchanged inside the aircleaner - viruses, bacteria, germs and sprouts are verifiably inactivated by up to 99.999%. The clean air is then returned to the room.

The technology is absolutely harmless for people in the room and therefore offers the ideal solution for integration in an existing Corona Covid19 protection concept for your work area, in waiting areas or for your event.

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Further details and technical data about the Aircleaner can be found at:Aircleaner

Total dimensions:

720 x 1150 x H1200mm

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