Electric heater

Heating mushroom for rent for your event

The Halogen heater is a powerful stand heater that is perfect for use at outdoor events due to the splash protection. It does not warm the air, but, similar to the sun's rays, all persons and objects that hit the heat rays. This is more energy-efficient and eliminates the need to handle gas cylinders. The two halogen heating rods are conveniently adjusted to the desired heat via a 3-stage switch (900/1200/2100 W). The heater works completely noiseless and odourless. A cover grille and the integrated tilt protection ensure safe operation.

Stainless steel heater, splash protection for outdoor operation, mushroom with safety cover grille, with integrated tilt protection, aluminium base cover, outdoor rubber power supply, 3-tap switch (900/1200/2100 W), noiseless and odourless

Total measure:
560 mm x H2100 mm

3D View

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