Highly efficient UV-C air purifier against viruses

The Air Cleaner AC-250pro with an effective air flow rate of 250m3 (250,000 liters) per hour is the perfect solution for efficient disinfection of indoor air. Viruses and aerosolsare efficiently & reliably inactivated by means of high-performance UVC lamps. With a maintenance interval of 12,000 hours, the device offers a sustainable prevention measure against Covid-19 without expensive and unhygienic filter changes.

Mobile indoor air cleaners and recirculation air disinfectors rent for indoor air sterilization in public areas. Efficient, reliable and completely filterless!

Rent the right device tailored to your event for germ disinfection of viruses, bacteria, sprouts etc. by means of high-quality technology. Works effectively and reliably against Covid19 Corona viruses (with laboratory detection).

The technology: Air Cleaner AG with its plant in Switzerland uses certified components from the laboratory, medical and food industries for the construction of indoor air cleaners. This ensures maximum effect and guaranteed radiation tolerance (thanks to a harmless photochemical effect). The air is exchanged inside the aircleaners - viruses, germs, beacons & sprouts etc. are demonstrably inactivated with up to 99.999%. The clean air is then returned to the room.

The technology is absolutely harmless to people in the room and therefore offers the ideal solution for integration in an existing Corona Covid19 protection concept on your occasion.

For the selection of the suitable aircleaner for rent, we are at your disposal at +41 52 242 77 22.

Further details & technical data on the Aircleaner can be found at:Aircleaner

Total measure:
405 x 620 x H1000mm

images in use:

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