Rent: The right counter

Flexible functionality in elegant design

Reception gates create the first impression of your event, fire or company. A great deal of attention should therefore be paid to the right design and high quality workmanship. By the way, the reception furniture for rent also has to fulfil various functions. Which are these and what you should pay extra attention to, we have compiled you with the following rental tips:

Trade fair &Promotion counter:
When applying counters to exhibition stands, functionality plays a central role for your employees and the first impression of the visitor. A great deal of attention must therefore be paid to the integration into the booth of a high-quality design. Due to limited space, there is usually a desire for a furniture with additional features such as a lockable dust trap, an open storage compartment, an integrated catalogue warehouse. A variety of sophisticated, high-quality counters can be found in our rental furniture assortment. With the different sizes and designs available, the ideal counter for your promotional and exhibition stand can be found. Besides classic Fair Welcomedesk Theken for rent we offer optional counters with lockbox and integrated catalog edition. Four different sizes in the modular grid of 50x50 and 50x100cm, each in white or black, round off the offer. Trade fair to inspire rent.

Event reception & Clothing booths:
Are you planning a company or promotions event? It is important to know the exact location of your event location as well as the number of guests to be expected. The ideal counter can cover several functions at the occasion. For the flexible reception area design, modular counters are desired which, in addition to a representative look, also offer functionality. The CL Welcomedesk Theken for rent were specially designed for professional event use. They represent a timeless look in noble design. In addition, the counters on the back have a practical storage compartment with height adjustable table. In addition to the area of application at the customer &visitor reception, a wardrobe is also usually offered. For the practical yet representative wardrobe area, the reception and Closet bar as well. They have sufficient working space for handing over garments and are equipped with a rear dust hole including height adjustable table.

Desks for promotions &roadshows:
In addition to an attractive look, functionality is an important criterion in the selection of mobile promotions events or roadshows. The changing location requires a mobile counter solution. In doing so, counters should additionally provide space for individual branding in your corporate identity or advertising message. Many of these special requests are usually only individually designed counter as a purchase solution. We have developed our counters specifically for these needs. Besides classic Tables for rent for example we offer a PC Station as customer information terminal with special functions such as cable guidance and lockable area for hardware devices. Additionally you will find in our rental furniture assortment LED Promotions for rent, counters with integrated catalog output compartment as well as Cubes for consultations (with integrated compartment).

Do you need more rental furniture? The counters can be combined with many other rental furniture from our range. The uniform surfaces & identical construction methods allow you a flexible event design. Creativework is happy to support you in planning, realizing & Logistics your next company event, the Promtions event or roadshow.