Rent: The appropriate table rentals

From the small apero stand to the big banquet table

Detailed planning of your event also follows the selection of the appropriate stand tables. But what kind of table fits my occasion? How much table space do I offer my guests? What should be noted in detail when selecting? We are constantly confronted with these questions and would like to give you some tips here:

Event Apero-Stehtisch:
The classic bistroticUsed with or without a Husse, they are very popular for indoor and outdoor events. However, they are only suitable for professional use. Stehttables with a high quality surface and a stable stand are especially needed for the representative Apero area at important customer events. The ideal alternative is a cubic table'Stehcubes'or also a bistro table with a glossy tiled table and stainless steel base. Our Stehcube StehtTable for rent is mobile, offers sufficient storage space with 50x50cm and additionally provides a stable stand. The Bistro Cube is also known as Outdoor Stehtisch for rent or also as LED Standing Table available. For use with bar stools we recommend our Visio Stehtisch.Yeah. With its glossy surface and the solid stainless steel base, it reflects the modern spirit. For larger groups of people, the Bridge for rent with a length of 200cm. With a surface of 200x50cm it offers enough space for drinks & small aperitifs.

Large bench tables for banquet seats:
Besides a traditional banquet seat with round tables &chairs can be realized with the right StehtTable modern banquet. But the large selection of table stands usually seems overwhelming and leaves the question open: Which table fits my event? The starting point for further planning is to know the space available and the number of people. The table size is derived from this. the number of persons per table. You will find high quality Bridge-Stehtische in different sizes from 80x40, 80x80 over 120x80 to 200x80cm for rent. Can it be any bigger? With the High-standing 200x100cm and up to 10 Bars offer your guests plenty of space and storage space for large banquet covers.

Standing tables for the trade fair:
The representative appearance of your booth is essential for a successful trade fair performance. The stand should therefore be optimally utilised and equipped with uniform high-quality furniture. This includes stand tables that should integrate into a modern exhibition concept. We offer you many new Messe-Stehtische, for rent in different sizes and Standing tables with practical cable shafts. Did you know that all our rental furniture is constructed in the same massive construction and with identical surfaces? Thus, your trade fair stand can be expanded & complemented with further trade fair rental furniture from our range. Matching bar stools, Table showcases, Exhibition wall systems for rent ingely or suitable Fair Accessories you can also find in our rental furniture range. Let yourself be inspired by the variety of trade fair rental furniture in our shop or by the rental furniture gallery.

Standing tables for the outdoor area:
Water-resistant furniture is suitable for outdoor use at your event or outdoor event. Most of the time, compromises have to be made in the design. That does not have to be the case! Many of our indoor standing tables are also available as outdoor versions and represent the modern event with the high-quality workmanship. As a high-profile alternative to the conventional bistro table with husse, we therefore offer Standing Table Cubes with high-gloss surface - available on request also as LED illuminated version. For larger banquet ceilings, your guests will find the Module-Outdoor Standing Tables enough space & storage space for rent. For a holistic event picture, our standing tables can be arranged with a Outdoor bar counter or lounge rental furniture. The identical surfaces and uniform materials enable many combination & adjustment possibilities. We are happy to assist you.

Our own event process ensures that the event process isLogistics which will provide you with transport, assembly and dismantling and, if desired, support during the event.