Rent: Which outdoor furniture to rent for which event

Exclusive rental furniture for your representative outdoor area

Are you planning an outdoor event or do you design an outdoor area for your next event? There is a lot to consider in the rental of so-called Outdoor Mobiliar. We've got them some Rental tips Compiled:

Exact definition of 'Outdoor Event'
In the event of an outdoor event, one speaks primarily of three types of events. The first version is covered and completely dry with a floor (tent building/wooden floor). The second variant is well covered but not protected against moisture from the ground. Finally, the outdoor event is still in the literal sense.

The right choice of 'outdoor furniture'
In principle, in the case of a tent construction (first version) all Rental furniture shall be used. In the latter case, you are absolutely dependent on outdoor rental furniture, as the floor-wetness of indoor rental furniture is sucked up and this would cause a massive damage. It does not matter if the moisture is sucked up from the soil (soil moisture) or rainwater.

Lounge Mobiliar
In addition to the classic black rattan lounge furniture for rent, elegant alternatives are often desired. In many cases, however, the design suffers from an outdoor-suitable design. We have therefore developed weatherproof seating elements which can also be used for short rainfall. In addition to the Outdoor Sittingand Outdoor lounge seating benches For rent you will find the right table elements in different sizes. Large CLOutdoor Loungetischeor smallOutdoor LoungetischeFor rent offer the same high-quality standard and the same glossy painted surfaces (in white, black or red) as our indoor table furniture-however, are completely outdoor suitable. So there are no compromises, plus the Quality . As a counterpart to the black rattan lounge, we have an exclusive white rattan lounge for rent in our rental furniture range. The Outdoor Rattan Lounge offers flexible adjustment possibilities thanks to the individual corner and backrest elements. In addition, it can be freely complemented with matching WP outdoor seating elements. In case of an event in the summer, please pay attention to enough shadow space. Mobile umbrellas can be placed flexibly between the lounge groups. Our big 'Rondo' Event Sunscreen For rent is equipped with a sturdy stand foot, can be aligned after the sun stand & offers with 3 meters in diameter lots of shade. Choose from many different colors.

Bar and Stehmobiliar
What kind of outdoor event do you plan? Are drinks, finger food or a rich meal offered? For the selection of the right bar furniture for rent, first these basic questions need to be clarified. Then it goes to the selection of matching outdoor standing tables and bar elements for rent fitting to your needs. Pay attention to the uniform construction methods and surfaces of the rental furniture-making the furniture ideally fit into your existing event setup. Other important items in the selection of the bar furniture are storage, storage and working surface. 2-Chair Furniture for rent offer a fenced working area and a service area between guest and staff. With our CL Outdoor Bartheke For rent, you can also use a representative counter in the outdoor area as a basic element for the free design of your outdoor bar. Appropriate Outdoor Hochtische& 'Stehcube ' Standing tables for rent from the CL series there are with us in different sizes from 160x80cm to 50x50cm. The outdoor standing tables as well as bar furniture for the outdoor area are made with identical materials and offer the same high-gloss painted surfaces. Is your event likely to take place at colder temperatures? In addition to heating mushrooms, at which heat is radiated upwards, Him offers a heated standing table For rent also on cooler days a pleasant warm standing area. The integrated heating radiator provides the heat directly with the guest and ensures the optimal heat distribution. For the decorative effect and an atmospheric ambiance, LED stand tables. Be sure to check out the outdoor fitness. The LED standing table should also be equipped with a battery, which ensures a long period of light. The LED standing table For rent there is a standing or lounge-table version conveniently operated using an IR remote control. The battery life of Beriebszeit is more than 20 hours.

Reception counters and signal etics
In addition to your existing outdoor rental furniture setup, the professional reception as well as an optimal way of signalling and/or signalling is available. Caption no less important. An optimal preparation also includes the required inscription boards to be determined and professionally printed. When it is set up, the signal etics can be set up quickly and easily without the need for a hectic pace. We offer a simple and stable sign-up andGuide system for rent Forex labeling boards can be printed according to your wishes. These are mounted on the weatherproof outdoor signal stands for rent on the basis of a stable Velcro. In addition to a representative bar, guests can also choose from a functional furniture with enough storage space and storage space. For flexible use, counters can be offered, which can be extended in a modular way according to your wishes. Our Outdoor listening deskor 2-step counters for rent offer free design possibilities due to the modular design, are of high quality processed and offer a lot of storage and storage space. Design your outdoor area freely according to your wishes & prepare your guests a stylish reception.

Decorations, Light & Effects
A holistic and professional outdoor event also includes the fitting decoration. For this purpose, fire scares are available for rent, fire columns & torches, LED light cubes, outdoor Ambiente headlights & Deco shells. For a flexible use of Ambiente headlights, you select a battery-powered device-you can save yourself additional work with annoyance cable routing. In addition, you will create an atmospheric atmosphere with LED illuminated cubes for rent, candy columns or fire decorations. The latter can be found in our range under 'Decoration & effects' and are available for hire as Large fire scares or fire torches, and the eye-catcher at every outdoor event.

We will be happy to assist you in selecting the right outdoor rental furniture for your event-please ask us! We offer you the complete service from the logistics to the up and down at your exclusive event.