Helpful tips - How to select the right rental furniture in a targeted manner

We have put together many important tips for you below on how to find the right event rental furniture & what you should pay attention to when choosing. The added value when choosing the right rental furniture with helpful features such as storage space, lighting and expansion options is enormous. Factors such as the choice of location, space and number of guests play a decisive role in the planning.

Rental furniture for the entrance area
Are you planning an exclusive event? Don't forget the entrance areaplan early! To... Continue reading

Lounge furniture
Plan an event or trade fair stand and look for the right lounge that is flexibleto your needs... Continue reading

Bar furniture
The bar furniture for rent distinguish in the design & functionality. So that you can find the right ... Continue reading

Reception counters create the first impression of your event, brand or company. So there should be a lot of attention ... Continue reading

High tables
With the detailed planning of your event, the selection of the right high tables also follows. But what kind of high table fits ... Continue reading

High tables & bar area
Let your creativity run free and set up your bar area according to your ideas. We offer you... Continue reading

Outdoor furniture
Are you planning an outdoor event or are you designing an outdoor area for your next event? When renting ... Continue reading

Clocks and jewelry showcases
Suitable, functional & high-quality showcases are required for the presentation of your valuable exhibits to promote sales ... Continue reading