Disinfection Stand


Solid disinfection stand with inscription

The disinfection stands for rent in an elegant design were specially designed for professional use in the shop entrance area, customer reception area or at the exhibition stand. With the adaptable labeling panel you can also adjust the signal etics and labelling of the disinfection dispenser for rent at any time.

Stand made of high-gloss lacquered solid wood, disinfectant white/aluminium with hanger, operation with disinfectant "Sterillium 500ml" (sold separately), labeling panel in double-sided Plexiglas with import slot for A3, A4 and/or A4 A5 printing (for the home print) or as high-quality 4-color plates printing.

Total mass:
Standing Dispensor 135/45
450 x 450 x H1800mm
(Stand: 450 x 450 x H1350mm, labeling panel: 450 x 450 /8mm)

Standing Dispensor 120/30
300 x 300 x H1200mm
(Stand: 300 x 300 x H1000mm, labeling panel: A4 crosswise/5mm)

Table-Dispensor 30/15
150 x 150 x H590mm
(Stand: 150 x 150 x H300mm, labeling panel: A4 hoch/5mm)

images in use:

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